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Capacity Reports
Capacity reports, which are the identity cards of private or legal entities that are registered as industrial enterprises by signing up to the Chambers of Industry and which include their contact information, production subjects and annual production capacities, technologies, machinery parks, raw materials they use, capital and employment information and similar issues. Capacity Reports are compiled by the Chambers of Industry the companies in question are registered to.

In many bureaucratic processes such as manufacturing industry, export, import, customs, incentive legislation, it is preferable to obtain information about industrial organization from capacity reports and the importance of capacity reports is increasing day by day.

Capacity reports prepared as a result of the evaluation of the inspection and documents made at the company's workplace by the a team of experts appointed by the Chambers have to receive the approval of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) according to procedure.

Capacity Reports Usage

  • Investment Incentive Certificate,
  • Processing Permission Certificate,
  • In the process of closing the commitments in the Provisional Acceptance Permit Certificate applications and said documents,
  • In the application for Industry Registration Certificate,
  • In various import and export transactions,
  • In formal and special tender,
  • In domestic and foreign credit applications,
  • Participating in domestic and international fairs,
  • In the acquisition or import of raw materials to which tariff quotas are applied,
  • For receiving manufacturer's certificate,
  • In tax examinations,
  • For various purposes in public administration.

Capacity Report Application Process
To apply for a capacity report, it is necessary to be within the boundaries of the Chamber where at least one of the company's places of production or its headquarters is located and to be a member of the related room.

Capacity Report Request Form can be obtained free of charge from Chambers. The requested Capacity Report Request Form is filled and application is made to the Chamber with a petition.

Capacity Report Fees
Capacity report preparation fee is collected every year by Chambers for the amount specified in the fee tariff determined by the Chambers, and the company's name is specified in the following TOBB accounts to which the approval fee determined by the Union is deposited.

Capacity Report Application Form

Example Capacity Report

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